“The Glory Within: The Interior Life and the Power of Speaking in tongues” is about the glory of the new birth, the indwelling Spirit, and your call to access the life of God within you-through speaking in tongues.

In this book you will discover:

1. The glory, power and miracle of the new birth, and the indwelling Spirit.
2. That you were made by God for deep communion and intimacy.
3. How to access the life of the Spirit within through meditation.
4. How to access the life of the Spirit through talking to the Spirit.
5. That praying in tongues for extended periods will increase the Spirit of Revelation.
6. That praying in tongues for extended periods of time will awaken a fresh hunger and intimacy in the word of God.
7. That praying in tongues for extended periods of time will strengthen your inner-man.
8. That praying in tongues for extended periods of time will increase your interior capacity to steward the life of God.
9. That praying in tongues for extended periods of time is a part of the armor of God and will help you in spiritual warfare.
10. That praying in tongues for extended periods of time will sanctify your thought life, emotions, desires and body.

If you want to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and see the life of God manifested in your life, this book is for you.

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“Amazing, The Apostle Paul said, “I pray in tongues more than you all.” Why? Why such a boast? There must have been some outrageous power and blessing in it for the greatest Apostle to herald it. And if so there must be a great recovery of that ancient tongue of fire. My friend, Corey Russell in this book with fiery impetus puts a compelling demand on that recovery. It’s not just words. For four years, I’ve watched this man’s prayer life – much tongues in the Spirit leading to the mighty tongues of fire on his own life.”
Lou Engle, Founder of the Call

“The interior life is the most crucial and yet one of the most ignored aspects of the Christian life. If we as the church are to fully shine in a dark world we can no longer ignore our interior life and must fully embrace the power of the Holy Spirit available to us. In The Glory Within, Corey Russell calls us to a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit to unlock the strength available to all Believers. God has raised up Corey as a voice to a generation and has anointed him to call the church to experience the fullness of God. His teaching comes not from just theory but from a life lived in the secret place on a journey to discover the majesty and greatness of God.”
Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture Director

“Corey Russell is a man of prayer. For years he has spent many hours a day praying and as he has sought the face of God, he has discovered the power of a specific form of prayer: speaking in tongues. The explosive power of praying in tongues is unlocked in each chapter of Corey’s book. If you want to speak mysteries to God (1 Cor. 14:2) or need power in your inner man (1 Cor. 14:4), then this book is for you!!!
Wesley and Stacey Campbell
Authors of “Praying the Bible – The Book of Prayers” and “Praying the Bible: The Pathway to Spirituality”
Producers of the “Praying the Bible CDs”